A cat with 8 lives


Ok where do I start. It’s weird to introduce myself again for the “first” time, because I have done this before lol.

So… I’m going to be straight out honest. This is my second blog. I started my first blog last year and I did all sorts of food, restaurant and product reviews. I really enjoyed it. And I had HUGE ASS PLANS for that blog. But… too much stuff has happened in 2014 and I decided to take a break.

But don’t worry people! I know I started blogging because I wanted to capture my life in words and pictures. And that is also the reason why I made a Dayre account. So, even though I haven’t posted anything on Blogger since August 2014. I’ve been on Dayre (online diary) almost everyday.

I’ve trained my Blog-o-skills! I’m a black-belt-blogger-ninja-master! I’m a better person now!

No serious, Dayre helped me to get better at writing down my thoughts and emotions. I find it much easier now to open up about my life. Writing helps me to understand myself and the things around me. It’s a great way to release my emotions. Good and bad.

Why didn’t I just continue my first blog?

Well, like I said before… lots of stuff happened in 2014 and I have changed. Not in a bad way. I have learned lots of valuable lessons and I’ve been growing as a person. In my first blog I only posted about happy sparkly unicorn rainbow moments. Even the name has happy in it lol. HAPPYdooodling haha.

I don’t feel like I can post about REAL STUFF. That is why I decided to start a new blog. A new blog. A new start. This time I’m going to be more honest and open. I will still write about food, because DOH food is like my second soulmate. But I’m also going to write more about myself and my thoughts. And food. Did I say food already?

I chose this title, because it feels like I can start over again. Just like a cat I guess. But I’m a cat with 8 lives now. So I still have 8 chances to start over and make new blogs lol. And no, I ain’t no single woman with 20 cats. I’m more of a dog person. It’s not my fault that all the awesome sayings/expressions/metaphors have something to do with cats!

This is it! My second first post. Hastalavista! I’ll be back soon!


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