Asian Eyesight Myth


Most people know that Chinese people have all kinds of myths and legends. And let me tell you, they take it very seriously. There is a myth about eyesight.

Chinese people believe that watching lots of television and video gaming can worsen your eyesight. Especially when you sit too close. And not wearing your glasses all the time can also f*luff up your eyes. They said something about our eyes need to work harder when you sit too close or when you don’t wear your glasses bladiebla. Ok, it sounds plausible, but what about people who lived in the past. They didn’t have a television or video games. HA!

But stubborn as they are.. when I asked my family that question they just ignored me and started talking about what we should eat for tomorrow’s dinner while we were still eating dinner. Chinese people make up the weirdest things to scare their children. I think every asian child is traumatized for life.

Now to the interesting part: I have been wearing glasses since I was 14 years old. I bought my first pair in Hong Kong and my eyesight was -2 on both eyes. I didn’t wear my glasses very often. Only during school or when I was travelling. I went to Dusseldorf last christmas (I gave you my heart~) and I lost my glasses. So, I decided to look for a new pair of glasses yesterday. This also meant that I had to check my eyes.

I was nervous, because I haven’t checked my eyesight for 8 yeaars… Don’t ask me why. The logical outcome would be that my eyesight had worsened. Very. Badly. Because:

  1. I watch lots of tv and sit too close
  2. Computer + smartphone (enough said)
  3. Don’t wear glasses everyday
  4. Never check my eyes

According to this Chinese myth I should have been blind haha. Ok not blind, but we could expect at least an eyesight of -4. So, I checked my eyes and guess what… ONE EYE IS -1.75 AND THE OTHER IS –2.25. There is even some improvement haha!


This myth is busted. I’m the living proof. The optician also said that watching television doesn’t affect your eyesight. It’s related to the growth of our eyes.


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