Koala’s March – Lotte

Hey guys,

This is a revised blogpost from last year! I have decided to “repost” this post, because I still want to review funny asian snacks. And it’s a great excuse for me to buy lots of food and to try new things.

The first snack review is about “Koala’s March”

Have you ever tasted these? This was one of my favorite snacks when I was little.

Koala’s March is a bite sized cookie with a sweet filling. The biscuit has the shape of a koala and is imprinted with different koala characters. It comes in different flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry and Milk. Japan has even more flavors: Chestnut, Banana & Chocolate, Custard Cream, Cream & Cookie, Roasted Almond Latte, Matcha, Caramel Au Lait, Mixed Fruit, Halloween Edition.  

I bought the chocolate flavor, because most Chinese supermarkets don’t have the other flavors. They only sell the chocolate flavor in my country, too bad. 




For now my favorite flavor is chocolate. The biscuit is light and crunchy. The chocolate filling was not too sweet and you can really taste the cocoa. I paid 1,10 euros for these cookies.

The “downside”: the chocolate filling isn’t all that glossy, luxurious and liquidy (see packaging). Marketing and advertising are tricking us again! One simple way to achieve this is by putting the cookies in the microwave for max. 10 seconds.


Koala you later~


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