Friendship: when?

friend•ship [frend-ship] noun
a relationship between two people who hold mutual affection for each other; friendly disposition or feeling for another; the bond of friends

There is so much to write about friendship! Where do I even start? I know lots of people have been studying this abstract concept, but I just wanted to write down my own thoughts about it. The concept of friendship has always been on my mind. Probably because during my life I have made new friends and lost old friends. The first question that really fascinates me is: WHEN? When is someone your friend? When does the magic happen?

I’m asking this question, because with some of my friends, there wasn’t an instant connection. Three of them were my classmates in primary school. You know their names, hobbies and their friends etc. Only superficial stuff. You probably said hi or had a small talk once, or you didn’t talk to that other person at all. Then one day you have a nice conversation about a mutual interest and BAM the next day you are friends with them.

Is it because you discovered that the person likes the same stuff? I know lots of other people who like the same stuff, but they aren’t really my friends. It’s weird right? Going from someone you sort of know to someone you care about. If that person resembles you, why wasn’t the connection there a couple of years ago? What has changed?

I think I have an answer, but I’m not 100% sure. What has changed? My answer would be: you got to know them better. Before you became friends, you didn’t know a lot about that other person, so you didn’t see the awesome resemblance.

It’s the same with people you meet for the first time. I don’t know anyone who would call someone a friend after one conversation. That would be freaky though, overly attached friend lol. But when is someone your friend? After how many conversations (I know it depends on the person and stuff)? How does it feel?

In all those years I have made new friends, but I still can’t answer those questions. I wish someone could give me an answer haha. It would be awesome to know the exact moment when someone became more than an acquaintance.

It may be trival information to some, but it isn’t! lol

I’m sure more people have been in a situation where you call someone your friend, but you are not sure if the other feels the same way. FOREVER ALONE (sadlife). It’s funny to talk about it. Sometimes when I talk with my friends, we ask ourselves how and when we became good friends. It seems like no one knows the answer…

It just happens.


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