Pho 91

Hi guys,

It’s time for a foodie review!
Like I said before, I’m a real food lover! I think about food   a l l   t h e   t i m e.
Some of my friends and family say I’m obsessed with food. It might be true.

Today I’m going to talk about.. PHO 91.

I went there last year with some friends and it was my first time eating Vietnamese! This small but cozy shop is located at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam. Number 91. That is why their name is… yeah
you get me.

This is the menu card. I really like their style!

Some of my friends love Vietnamese food, pho this, pho that. So I decided to try the famous noodle soup~ We also shared some appetizers: prawn spring roll and the fried springroll.


I really liked the appetizers. It was packed with flavor, herbs and textures. What I liked most were the sauces! The prawn spring roll got paired with a sweet peanut sauce. The other sauce was tangy, spicy and fresh. I’d put those sauces on everything lol. The appetizers were 4 euros.

I ordered the Pho 91 special. It had some beef balls, chicken and thinly sliced beef. And lots of cillantro and other herbs as you can see. Now my verdict on the famous noodle soup.

It was OK. I was kind of disappointed, maybe because my friends praise it all the time. To be honest.. I eat these kind of noodle soups all the time at home (for lunch). Rice noodles, beef or fish balls, sliced beef, beef stew, vegetables and a comforting broth. The only thing that differs are the herbs and lime. It wasn’t THAT special. Pho lovers are going to kill me lol, but it was just a normal noodle soup to me. A plain ol’ noodle soup with an upgrade. With the same money I paid for this soup. I could make 10 bowls for my family with more meat and beef balls.

This doesn’t mean I will never eat Vietnamese food again, I will definitely come back and try other restaurants, but not for the Pho. I want to try other dishes and apetizers! I paid 14 euros for my Pho.




Their interior is awesome! They have a huge ass wall painting on the right. And the other walls are decorated with wooden shelves, lots of pants, bottles of Hoi Sin sauce and SIRACHA CHILI SAUCE.

I hope you guys will visit this place someday. PHO YOU LATER!


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