Recipe Book!


Just wanted to share some ideas with you guys. Long story short: I tried to make a recipe book in 2008. I was in my cuteness-for-the-win-phase. So the layout of my recipe book was really colorful, cute and messy? haha. I have some printscreens for you guys.



Ok as you can see, lots of hearts, cute images, different fonts, butterflies and stuff!
I’m very proud of my recipes, because I only used Microsoft word and PAINT to make these. And if you’re familiar with word and paint you will know I spend hours and hours to create a page!

I’ve put so much effort in making those decorations on the side. Every little heart or paw you see there is a single image, so I’ve moved, rotated and resized all those images like a thousand times to get the right composition. LOL I can’t believe I did that. It took so much time to make a page, so I felt a bit discouraged. I lost my motivation to continue with my recipe book.

In 2009 I started taking an interest in photography and I figured nobody wants to buy/read a recipe book with a messy and cuteness-overload layout. Ok some people would, but most people do not and it’s not professional! So I created other recipe pages with Stock photos which took less time to make.

It still had some cute elements, but it was more “mature looking”. After this my inspiration for my cooking book was gone for a couple of years. It kinda bothered me, because I’ve always wanted to make a recipe book since I was little. Uhm.. How did we end up here? lol

A while ago, I suddenly had a great idea for my recipe book! Since I’m active on Flickr again (I had a break from Jan 2010 – Feb 2014) I thought I should make a recipe book with REAL photos. Photos taken by me!

I love photography. I find it easier than Word/Paint and I’ve noticed that photography is a great source of inspiration for me. Besides that, I started learning Photoshop in December 2014. Mantik is the best teacher ever~ and I’m picking it up very quickly.

So, for my new recipebook I want to combine photography, Photoshop and my drawings! I hope to create an unique style. I’m still not sure how it’s going to look like, but I’m already brainstorming and taking pictures for recipes!

What do you think? It’s exciting right?! Here are some photo sneak peeks (It’s going to be recipe for Mango Lassi)
14217410319_627633b25e_o    mango
14381354566_4d3f6a7239_o (1)

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