Miniature Kitchen Garden – Albert Heijn


A while ago, Albert Heijn supermarket introduced a new and super fun action! For every 15 euros on groceries they give you a miniature garden kit. Every kit contains a biodegradable pot, soil and seeds. People can collect 20 different types of vegetables and herbs.



I was very excited about this action, because my uncle gave me a homemade kitchen garden last year for my birthday. It was my first time growing vegetables, herbs and fruit! I enjoyed it a lot.

What I really like about this action is that it’s educational. Most kids (and some adults) don’t know where our food comes from, how it grows, and how much effort it takes to grow something simple like a carrot. This miniature vegetable garden is a great and fun way to learn all of this!


1 ) Put the soil tablet on a small plate and add 50 ml water

DSCF5019    DSCF5026

2 ) Wait 1 minute for the soil to absorb the water. Put the soil in the pot. Leave 0.5-1 cm of space.

DSCF5028    DSCF5032

3 ) Place the seeds in the pot and add soil until you reach the top. Stick your sign in the pot and write down the date of planting!

Naamloos-1    DSCF5035

4 ) Let the plants grow in a warm place with indirect sunlight! When the sprouts are big enough you can transfer them to a bigger pot. It’ll probably take a few weeks. Don’t forget to give them water every day. You must keep the soil moist.


Planting date: 14 March 2015 ~ 12:00 PM
I’ll keep you guys updated about my mini kitchen garden with pictures! This is the reason why I love Albert Heijn. Their supermarket actions are fun, cute and educational! Here’s a nice video about the growing process. And make sure to check out their television commercial. It’s so funny!

Herb you later!


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