First Recipe Video/ Adobe After Effects


It has been a while. I’ve been so busy with my internship. I can’t wait to go back to school. To be honest, working 40 hours per week is not my favorite thing. Work itself is fun and I’ve learned a lot, but there’s just not much free time to do your own stuff!

I miss the random trips to different cities, taking photos when the lighting is perfect (between 2PM and 4 PM), cooking up lots of food and experimenting with new recipes. There’s just no time for that after work. But ok, focus!

Last year Merilyn and I recorded some recipe videos and it was super fun to cook together and eat lots of food. However, there was one problem: none of us knew how to edit videos.
We both didn’t really try to learn it. After a while the videos were catching dust and they started to disappear in the I-forgot-I-had-this-folder-on-my-computer-wormhole-twilight-folder, until this past Friday! I thought it was time to save our legacy. Mantik installed Adobe After Effects on my laptop and I started on my journey.

IT WAS SO HARD. This tool is awesome, but complex (for noobs like me).
It took me 1,5 hours and loads of YouTube tutorials to animate the first sentence.


Luckily I’m not a person who gives up easily. It took me 2 days, but I eventually I made it work. I didn’t tell Merilyn about my secret project. I just wanted to surprise her. Can’t wait to see her reaction!


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