Désiré de Lille – Belgian Waffle

Hi all,

A crunchy and buttery review for today. My aunt and uncle went to Antwerp yesterday and bought some Belgian waffles. I already knew it would be some kind of fancy waffle by looking only at the bag and the packaging: Désiré de Lille

I think the name also screams elegance and fanciness, maybe because it’s in French! I did some research on the internet and found their website and menu. I was really curious about the price of the waffle. Guess what? It really is fancy; 4 euros for a Brussels waffle with powdered sugar. I wouldn’t pay that much money for a simple waffle, but this one’s definitely worth it!

First the packaging. Every waffle was packed separately in a small cardboard box, so nothing can crush the delicate waffle. They also gave us lots and lots of powdered sugar.



When I opened the box,  the glorious aroma of the waffle just hit my face. The first thing I could smell was BUTTER, caramelized sugar and batter. I wish you guys could smell it. The waffle had the most beautiful color. Golden brown on the top and darker brown on the sides. You can’t help but think that you’re going to eat something super rich and crunchy.

The waffle wasn’t warm and crunchy anymore, because it had to travel back to the Netherlands. But this problem could be fixed fairly easily. I put the waffle in a pan and toasted it for 2 minutes on both sides. It was as good as new. I had to pick up the waffle as if it was a small baby duck, so soft and light!


Let’s talk about textures and taste. The outside is really crunchy, but once you bite through the crunchy top layer, you get to the warm pillow soft center. I really like the contrasting textures, because every bite is like a small suprise. I’ve eaten lots of different waffles, but none of the waffles is as rich and buttery as Désiré’s.

I haven’t eaten a waffle this fluffy and light. Lots of waffles are dense, heavy and doughy. Here you can see the pockets of air. How do they do it?! I’t’s probably some kind of secret family recipe, but that’s ok. Everyone needs a little magic!



“Nothing’s better than throwing a big bag of butter at someone.” – Finn


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