WhatsApp Web

Hi guys!

I know lots of people know this already, but I’m still going to write a post because most of my friends haven’t heard of this new feature yet (slowpokes lol)!

I’m talking about… WhatsApp Web. You’ve heard it right, we can now WhatsApp with our friends while working on our laptop or computer. I was estatic to learn about this feature, because I miss MSN Messenger!

WhatsApp is a great communication tool, but you can’t do multiple things at the same time. Switching from Whatsapp to Facebook to Youtube or your photo gallery is such a pain in the ass. It’s not efficient. Secondly, picking up your phone to check your messages while working on the laptop is also getting on my nerves. You get my point. We didn’t have this problem when we still had MSN.

It’s super easy to use WhatsApp Web, because you don’t have to install anything. You only need a Whatsapp account. Let me show it to you!

1) First go to: https://web.whatsapp.com on your laptop or computer.

2) Go to the homepage of your mobile Whatsapp application and click on the dots (top right). Btw. I potatofied my whatsapp.


3) Click on “WhatsApp Web” and scan the QR code that is visible on the webpage. You will be redirected to your own WhatsApp account! Note: the QR code will refresh every 20 seconds.


What do you guys think? It’s awesome right?! People who used to have a MSN account will love it (I think lol). It has made my life so much easier yup yup!

“That’s one small fry for man; one giant potato for mankind”
Albert Potatostein


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