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Hi guys, How’s yall?

I hope you’re enjoying your Christmas break. I know I do!
I went to Dusseldorf (Germany) from Monday till Wednesday. Had the best time ever and I will tell you all about it in my next post. Stay tuned!

So, this post is dedicated to my new Instagram account and food photography. Yes yes, it’s is not my first account. I removed my old account, because I wasn’t really active anymore… and I didn’t know what to post to be honest. But I have a clear goal now: I want to train my food photography skills. I always take pictures of my food with my mobile phone or camera, but most of them are just “standard” snap shots.  Meaning: there’s no intentional styling, positioning or editing involved.

What is the cause of this frenzy? Professional food photos on the internet/magazines/Instagram just always blow my freaking mind! They are too damn gorgeous AND they make me hungry. I’m not sure if they’re a blessing or a curse lol. Those talented photographers really inspired me to take my food photography to the next level!

This journey is totally different from my macro/nature photography. When I take macro pictures, I try to capture the essence of the subject on that very exact moment. Keep it as intact as possible. This means no touching, moving and MINIMUM editing (only clarity and contrast)!

Food photography is like totally opposite. You start with a blank canvas, in this case a table top, and you gradually add new elements, props, ingredients etc. You constantly move stuff around to create an interesting composition, you control the lighting and it is allowed to edit the snaps out of your photo. Yes, you heard me correctly… food photography isn’t complete without the editing. I still have to get used to the heavy-editing part, but it is really fun!

I’m still an uber noob. All tricks, tips and feedback are welcome! You can find my fooodie photos on Nomnomnomstagram.


Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
Bakeljauw Bun

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