The Lost Socks of Neverland

Hey all,

Today I’m going to write about a “silly phenomenon” that everyone has experienced at least once in their lives. And if I’m straight out honest, I don’t think I will find a solution to this terrible, but hilarious, mystery. I’m talking about socks. And to be more specific: missing socks, non-matching socks, socks that are hiding in their little lost-sock-caves.

Lost sock, where art thou?

First things first, I’ve found a striking pattern after years of observation and data collection [see below].

  1. Buy a 6-pack socks
  2. Wear them once
  3. Put it in the washing machine
  4. Find a pile of no-matchers in your drawer

I’m not even kidding, yesterday my mom forced me to throw away 5 non-matching socks. And I still had the hope that I could find their other halves. Where did it go wrong? This is the question I’ve been asking myself for years.

Most people on the interwebz point to the washing machine as the culprit. “Your washing machine eats your socks”. For years I believed this too, but how can you explain the sudden appearance of the missing halve that you lost one year ago? Sometimes when I throw away no-matchers, I find the other sock a couple of months later. And some socks just disappear from the face of earth.

The most “logical” explanation is that you lost your sock somewhere in your house. But, this hypothesis is even more difficult to support. I always put BOTH of my socks in the dirty laundry basket. And why would you take off one sock in your bedroom and the other one in the kitchen (not judging, it’s perfectly fine if you do!).

It’s almost easier to say that one sock found a portal to Narnia under my bed.

I also talked to my friends about it. Most of the guys said the following: “Why don’t you just buy your socks in one color? You won’t even notice when you lose one sock.” Smartasses… it might be true, BUT (1) it’s boring (2) I love cute socks with different colors, patterns and shapes. Ok?! Just let me and my socks be.


“When I was little, I’d sit on my window sill late at night and wait for Peter Pan to come and take me away to Neverland.” [ I had too much fun photoshopping these pictures haha ]
I guess, non-matching socks are a curse and a blessing at the same time haha. I’ve learned not to care about it anymore, so I often wear two different socks. Though, people always seem to notice it (why would you look at someone’s socks). And it makes them laugh, which is nice. It’s also a nice icebreaker if you’re struggeling to find a subject to talk about.

We should start a MISMATCHING-SOCK-REVOLUTION! And our slogan would be something like this: “Imperfection is perfection” HAHA.

Well guys, I hope you will find your missing halves. If you have new evidence regarding the disappearance of our socks, don’t hestitate to share it with us.

Socks you later!


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